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Gift certificates are available through our clinic in different denominations.

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About ARF Spay/Neuter Clinic

The ARF Clinic, a long time goal of the Animal Refuge Foundation, opened its doors February, 2014. Esteemed Veterinarian, Dr. Janeen Kluska, shares the ARF belief that spay or neuter of dogs and cats is the key to preventing unwanted litters. She provides veterinary services for alteration surgery at the ARF clinic on a weekly basis. Affordable rates are offered to everyone, including rescues.


Dogs (under 50 lbs, male or female)* - $80

Dogs (50 lbs to 100 lbs), male or female)* - $95

Dogs (100 lbs or more(* - $130

Cats (male or female, feral or domestic)* - $60

Rabies** - $10

Microchip **- $20

*Dogs that are found to be pregnant , cryptorchid, or in heat will incur an additional $50 charge

** Rabies vaccinations and micro chipping are offered at the clinic to surgery patients only. 

 For more information on the clinic, or to make an appointment, call  912-586-6198*or email [email protected]

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Dr. Kluska, Veterinarian